Put yourself in History!


I choose this person because she was important. She was also a hero. Back then there was not many girls in the army or many women that had to do things for the government. That is one of the biggest reasons why I choose to put myself in her image. I was an intresting assignment which was confused on certain things and mix and match the colors but it was very nice.



I really loved the work I did with this last picture!! I like how I brighten up the colors and made them more intense. I believe that this made everything stand out more and made the picture more interesting. I liked to try new things and trying this out was a good idea because I like it a lot. Sometimes when you keep the same routine it gets boarding and trying new things makes your work more interesting. I also like the exposure on the picture. I liked the place I picked to shoot the picture. I liked how I included a funny could make my picture more interesting. I am usually not so creative with things but hen i can be i try to do it as best as I can. I think I did a god job with my work.

Portraits with studio strokes

I believe that this picture is nicely eddied. Also, I believe that lightroom has great things to use. I am really loving this, and it has so many helpful tools. I love the light in the background, and it just highlights people who are on there. I love working with all this equipment too. I love to edit all this differently.

Introduction to use strobes

One of the things I learned while reading this article is that professional studio light sources mostly have two categories. The two categories are that you can get a power pack or get a kit with a flash head. The power pack has small flash tubes with an emit light at a high voltage. There are also some have multiple head flash. There are also moonlights that compact substitutes for a power pack. It is easy to control the power pack because it has a lot of controls. One thing that I learned was that if you are shooting outside it is complicated with the modifier setups. If the symmetric power packs need to be split equally between multiple flash heads.

The flashlights flash in one direction to give the two lights control. monolights can really come in handy because it can help when you want a freeze action. Even though I learned that it could be difficult to shoot outside. They could overcome the sun or there could be light loss which will be caused by modifiers. Also, an advantage with be having head and pack systems. There was a zoom reflector and will provide the ability to attach a honeycomb grid and will also be focused spread.  There also has to be some silver-lined umbrellas that will focus and give it reflected light.

50 photos

In my opinion, I believe that lightroom is an easy way to edit our pictures. I love how lightroom just has one tab to press and you will find everything you need in one section. That is one of the things that I find different from the other app. Another difference that I notice is that it has presets that can just edit your pictures with you not having to do so much work. Also some tithing in common they have is that they have almost the same things to edit. Lastly another common thing would be that you can edit multiple pictures at once. Also a difference would be that you can edit things into the pictures in lightroom.

Jump start your photography R+W

  1. One way I can get inspired by photography is by movies because I like to watch movies and even though I don’t watch them often watch movies but i enjoy them a lot.
  2. taking a self-portrait helps you a lot because it’s almost the same thing as taking a selfie because I think mostly everyone has taken pictures and put them on social media.
  3. I believe that everyone takes pictures and then they could tell a story just by at least 5 pictures they took with a camera or a phone as well and can teach you how to love photography.
  4. I think that every photo you can be unique even if you say the picture is not taken at a good angle or anything it is still a good picture and take a great picture for something.
  5. There can always be interesting pictures you take, and it could be a simple picture like a child playing with their toys in their room and it could be inferred in many ways.
  6. Taking pictures for family events are so special and you capture many special moments you may not want to forget and keep them forever so you could remember that day always.
  7. Also shooting in the dark can be a cool moment because you shoot in a different mood on a camera, and it makes the picture look unique and you need to be able to use a flash for pictures in the dark.
  8. Shooting your family members can be very fun because you already know the person and you are conferrable with them even though maybe it will not be like that all the time, but it is fun to shoot people you know.
  9. You could also take pictures of your favorite food like appetizers or a full meal because you could capture your food up close and have a very detailed image on what you will be eating.
  10. Sometimes you could get inspired to take pictures for a challenge and will want to win a prize and everyone likes to win a prize and especially if it’s as easy as taking pictures to try to win.
  11. You could also watch an art show because it has colors and people acting in different characters and it makes the pictures to be very colorful.
  12. You can also be an inspiration to taking pictures because you could use fashion on clothing, or you could also use hairstyles to make yourself different.
  13. Like I was saying you could use your own classmates as a model and shoot them with hoe pretty they are and unique as well.
  14. You could also inspire yourself to taking pictures with a specific sport you love to do and capture amazing moments like a goal in soccer or a hoop in basketball.
  15. The best pictures I find interesting is when you shoot in a holiday you like for example the holiday that is coming Christmas when you are nice and warn and warm cozy sweaters almost all December.
  16. Some people like to read which I cannot really relate because I do not like reading but I love to write but beside the point reading magazines or articles about photography can get you interesting about photography.
  17. Music can also be a way that could get you interesting in photography because of the artist in music or because of the music videos.
  18. A good inspiration would be to make a project with photography to see how goes you are with ideas in photography.
  19. You could also look at all the famous people who do photography and have a lot of experience with taking pictures and you get inspired with the beautiful pictures they take.
  20. Then you could also get inspired by the apps you could download on your phone and learn from them when you edit pictures.

Conceptual self portrait


See the source image

My opinion about her work is that it looks incredible with so much detail into it. I loved how she is dressed because she is in the mountains on the snow, and she is wearing warm clothing. I like how her pictures are taking and especially the shadows on her. I think this is a good picture for the situation she is in, and it is a good formation. I also like her style of clothing it is very Elegante to be outside in the snow.

This represents me because I love to write as you could see in the picture. Something specific I like to write about is how I feel and express my feelings and I keep them to myself.  I also like to write to my friends and tell them how much I care and love them. I prefer to write them a letter on how much I appreciate them instead of telling them in person because I can’t express my feeling in that instant. I also love to write a lot and I can easily write one full page in about 10 minutes or less im not too sure. What I do know is that i love to write a lot and it makes me happy to write even though also that my hand gets tired when I write for a long time.


self patriate


20 words/phares to describe myself are:

  1. quite
  2. calm
  3. loud
  4. introvert
  5. nice
  6. sweet
  7. soft
  8. fun when you get to know me
  9. weird
  10. happy
  11. helpful
  12. shy
  13. kind
  14. outgoing
  15. crazy
  16. playful
  17. independent
  18. loyal
  19. cool
  20. serious