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creative, thoughtful, thinking, happy, cheerful, looking, teeth, colorful, young, positive.

Happy, fake, forced, funny, acting, student, nice, confident, bright, and light.

Good mood, bright, positive, energy, shy, kind, relaxed, smooth, smile, and sweet.




I would like to travel to Mexico because i believe its a place where you cheer up with all the wonderful view. This city is a very colorful place, and it has such a positive vide. I believe that this is the place where you could taste delicious food as well because Mexicans have such delicious plates of food.


I want the viewer to see my work as Barbara Kruger style because it says little but means a lot. I believe that people should not care about the world and should worry about themselves. What I tried to say in this that the world will almost always turn its back on you so be the first one to turn your back on the world so you could be the one winning at the end.


The Master of Photography I choose was W. Eugene Smith. By looking at his images he had a lot of landscapes and portraits. The year he mostly focused on was in 1955-56. Most of his images were also about the War. One of the images was taken Saipan in 1944. It was about the Marine Mop-up. Japanese Suicide Charge and there was a lot of dead people on to ground and people fighting for their life. There is another soldier drinking water and I could see that their eyes are filled with fear, but they have strength to keep fighting. There was another fight in Okinawa in May 1945. This all happens in the shell attack and there were many solders hiding and taking cover to save their life and at least get through it and get a few more minutes to live. There was a Marine Demolition Team Blasting Out a Cave on Hill 382 Iwo Jima, in 1945 as well. What I have been noticing that there was many things happening in the year 1945 and there was a lot of suffering during that time. There is an image that really catches my attention that Smith took which was captured “The Walk to Paradise Garden” and this happened in 1946.



This is one of the images I absolutely loved by Emily Blincoe because it is a colorful image and it has a variety of textures in the different rocks. The rocks are well laid out in the color tones and shades. I believe that these are such amazing colors that are all around the worl




I choose this one from the internet because eye thought it was very colorful. It also is a funny picture. I believe that this image is put together into one big picture instead of three separate pictures. This image is about a skeleton dancing or at least that is what it looks like to me. I like the pink on the background floor how it makes stand out the other different colors mixed with each other.


This image caught my eye because i could feel the smooth texture of the rocks. I noticed that the rocks look like they are laid out in the sand which is a great combination. The rocks have a simple design and nothing too crazy. Even though their is some color added like for example orange and green bu the rest is white gray and a blue to stand out the ocean or represent it. It is a lovely picture that brought calmness and made me relax.